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The Best Custom Fit T-shirts

Design your own made to measure piece from scratch


No matter your body type, Hungover always gets you the perfect fit!

Four more t shirt received. All fit perfectly. Loving it and can't wait to wear it over the weekend. In total 7 t shirts have been delivered and all are class 🙏🏼. Love the MAN tag as well.

Nailed it! Fits really well, not baggy or hanging, looks really sleek and elegant. Fantastic material used; soft, comfortable and stretchy. Amazing service and customer support. 👍🏻👌🏼

I find myself wearing my Hungover T-shirt a couple of times a week, (Yes in one week) must say, the fit, material quality is just fabulous. Simply put, I love it. Will only buy this in future. Wishing your brand all the success!