We are a sustainable and tech-enabled bespoke T-shirt brand based in Chennai, India.

We think of ourselves as conscious couturiers, stitching together the traditional experience of tailored apparel with planet- and people-sensitive practices.

Our commitment to responsible production is built on the four pillars below.

Zero-Waste Production

We do not mass-produce. Every one of our tees is made-to-order. We do not maintain inventory or occupy warehouses. We thoughtfully create what you want according to precise requirements: nothing more and nothing less.

Responsibly Made Fabric

Our premium grade cotton is sourced from local farms. A vibrant range of colours is realised using plant-based dyes.

All our garments are made by exceptionally skilled artisans at a green factory that is Gold certified by LEED.

Sustainable Packaging

Delicately wrapped in eco-friendly paper, our tailored tees are placed into high-quality biodegradable cases that are elegantly designed for multi-functional reuse.

Human-Centric Work Environments

We employ a rigorous vetting process in selecting production partners. Our supply chain includes companies with an uncompromising dedication to healthy working environments and exceptional quality standards.

Most importantly, our partners share our mission to make continuous improvements that empower our vendors, employees and, also, deliver the absolute best to our customers.