Hallmarks of
the Perfect Fit

The t-shirt is a classic outfit more often worn casually, or on a more dressed up occasion. There are a lot of misconceptions about the t-shirt, but the most important thing in a t-shirt is its fit. A great fitting t-shirt will compliment one’s body and can even help a thin guy look strong and muscular but on the flip side, a t-shirt with a bad fit can emphasize your worst physical features.

So, how do you get the perfect fit with your t-shirt? These are the hallmarks to look out for while finding the perfect fit.

1. Make sure it fits in the shoulders

We start with shoulder fit because that's the one area that can't be altered or adjusted later. If the seam doesn’t sit on your shoulders, don't buy it. So what's the perfect fit? The ideal shoulder fit should have both the seams sitting along the edges of the shoulder bones. If the same is hyped up your shoulder, you need to get a larger size and if the same droops down your arm, you will need to go in for a smaller size.

2. Make sure it fits in the neck

For the crew neck t-shirt, as long as it fits close to your neck, you're good to go. V-necks, on the other hand, are a little bit harder to fit. Now v-necks in general, are great for t-shirts because they emphasize the chest and can give you a more masculine appearance. But be careful. You don't want the neck to go down too far. A good rule of thumb is that a v-neck should never get below your arm.

3. Nail the fit in the chest

When it comes to the chest fit, you want your t-shirt to fit relatively close to a shirt. Going too loose and baggy doesn't flatter any body type. But remember, this isn't a compression shirt. You don't want it to constrict you so tightly that you get your nipples poking out. If you're getting a horizontal stretch line, then it's too tight. A great fitted t-shirt is going to stay close to the chest without being constricting and has about one and a half to two and a half inches of extra fabric.

4. Get the right fit in the waist

Once you've got a good fit in the chest, let's look at the waist. This is where things can get a little bit tricky. There's a wide range of body types out there and you really want to find what works for yours. You may need to actually adjust the t-shirt. Now, if you've got an average build, most brands are going to fit.

However, if you’re a muscular man with a large chest and smaller waist, you're going to find that many t-shirts are way too large in the waist area. You don't want to look like you're wearing a parachute or on the opposite end of the spectrum. The perfect fit in the waist area is going to have about two to three inches of extra fabric.

5. Pay attention to sleeve length

Sleeve length matters a lot as this is what defines the complete look of a perfectly fitted t-shirt. The length has simply got to hit the middle of your bicep. This is gonna look best for most body types. Now, if you're packing you've got a muscular build, then you can actually go for a bit shorter of a sleeve length.

6. Get the right sleeve width

One of the most common problems with t-shirts are giant arm openings that make your sleeves look like wings. If you're a thin guy, wearing a t-shirt with large sleeves, this is just going to make your skinny arms look thinner. You want to buy a t-shirt that fits you well and lightly hugs your bicep.

7. Nail the t-shirt length

There's a fashion trend right now with super long t-shirts. Unless you want to look like you're wearing a dress, avoid this look at all costs. Any t-shirt that extends past your crotch and covers your backside is way too long. That being said, you don't want the opposite problem. You don't want a t-shirt that's too short because if you raise your arms, it exposes your stomach. The ideal t-shirt length is one that hits about mid flight. That's about two to three inches below your belt bar.