Hallmarks of
the Perfect Fit

The t-shirt is a sartorial staple so versatile that it can be styled down for daily wear or paired with selective accessories to fit a formal occasion.

The one uncompromising element of this wardrobe favourite, is its fit. You will notice that the most used and best loved items in your closet are not necessarily the most unique or expensive, but the ones that fit best and make you feel your best.

A T-shirt, especially, is most notable for the seemingly effortless way in which it compliments your physique.

So, how do you find your perfect tee? Look out for these hallmarks of a perfect fit.

1. Make sure it fits in the shoulders

We prioritise the shoulder fit because this part of the tee, once cut, cannot be altered or adjusted.

The ideal shoulder fit should have both the seams sitting along the edges of the shoulder bones. If the same is hyped up your shoulder, you need to get a larger size and if the same droops down your arm, you will need to go in for a smaller size.

2. Make sure it fits in the neck

For the crew neck t-shirt, as long as it fits close to your neck, you're good to go.

V-necks, on the other hand, are a little bit harder to fit but an extremely flattering choice. V-necks should fit closely for the ideal silhouette, emphasise the collarbone and never dip lower than the midpoint of the upper arm.

3. Nail the fit in the chest

When it comes to the chest fit, you want your t-shirt to fit to resemble a well tailored shirt. A breathable but close fit.

If you notice a horizontal stretch line along your chest, then the shirt is too tight. A great fitted t-shirt is going to stay close to the chest without being constricting, which requires the tee to have about one and a half to two and a half inches of extra fabric along this area.

4. Get the right fit in the waist

Once you've got a good fit in the chest, let's look at the waist. This is where things can get a little bit tricky. There's a wide range of body types out there and you really want to find what works for yours. You may need to actually re-tailor a store bought t-shirt to achieve this. However, if you've got an average build, most brands are going to fit.

However, if you have a larger or leaner build, you're going to find that many t-shirts are either too large or too small in the waist area.

The perfect fit in the waist area is going to have about one to two inches of extra fabric.

5. Pay attention to sleeve length

Sleeve length, thought often overlooked, is the most important part of the perfect tee-silhouette.

The sleeves compliment and define the rest of the fit. Typically, the perfect short sleeve sits at the middle of your bicep. This suits most body types. In case of a more muscular build, you can opt to go slightly shorter for comfort and accentuation.

6. Get the right sleeve width

Another important but overlooked aspect of the perfect fitting tee, is sleeve width.

An oversized arm opening can drown your natural physique. Regardless of whether you have a lean, moderate, muscular or larger physique, a sleeve that gently circumvents your arms (without contracting or overwhelming it) will contribute to achieving the ideal fit.

7. Nail the t-shirt length

When looking for the classic fitting tee, the ideal t-shirt length is one that hits about mid-fly. That's about two to three inches below your belt bar.

It allows you to move comfortably, compliments your torso and the rest of your outfit.