8 Different Types of T-Shirts for Men And Best T-Shirt Styles

8 Different Types of T-Shirts for Men And Best T-Shirt Styles

Fashion in today’s time is much more than the mere need to clothe oneself for protection as we did in ancient times. Men’s clothing in particular has undergone several changes to widen fashion choices and options. One of the most basic and prominent clothing pieces in men’s fashion is the t-shirt. 

T-Shirts are no longer just casual basics; they are now a canvas for expressing personal style, reflecting individual tastes, and expressing a sense of sophistication. The world of t-shirts is vast with a variety of different types of t-shirts for men to explore and embrace their versatility. 

For all those fashion-forward individuals, you have stumbled upon the right place to refine your wardrobe with trendsetting men’s t-shirt types. Read this blog till the end to find out some of the best t-shirts for men that can create the perfect first impression that you never knew you needed. 

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Different Types of T-Shirts for Men

1. Crew Neck T-Shirt

Known for its versatility and simplicity, crew neck t-shirts are one of the best t-shirts for men and remain the classic wardrobe staple for men. Whether you're pairing it with jeans for a casual vibe or layering it under a blazer for a more polished appearance, the crew neck t-shirt effortlessly blends comfort with style, making it an essential piece in every man’s closet. 

Crew neck t-shirt types can do wonders for your look but can also turn out to be a disaster if not chosen carefully to suit your body type and style. Hungover t-shirts are not only the best in quality but also provide easy-to-personalise options for crew neck t-shirts for men.

2. V Neck T-Shirt for Men

What majorly differentiates a v-neck t-shirt type from a crew neck t-shirt style is the v-shaped neckline which has become quite a trend among Gen Z. Though the deepness of the neckline is a matter of personal choice, opting for a deeper one would make up for a relaxed and casual look whereas a deeper neckline is the perfect go-to when you want to flaunt your physique. This one among the different types of t-shirt styles is unique and leaves a lasting impression. 

Gone are the days of constantly worrying about altering your tees to fit your body. Hungover’s v-neck t-shirts can be tailored to suit your body and your preferences whether it is the length or the size that you want to change.

3. Polo T-Shirt for Men

Polo t-shirts are one of the best men's t-shirt types that are essential and must-have for every man wanting to enhance his sense of style. Its collar, short sleeves, and button-up neckline make this one of the most unique t-shirt types adding a polished touch to laid-back looks. Paired with jeans or chinos, the Polo t-shirt for men exudes a relaxed yet refined charm that bridges the gap between casual and formal. 

Polo T-shirts look best when they fit well on you. Make your bespoke polo t-shirt within minutes with custom measurements and add a sense of personal touch to it with Hungover’s t-shirt's personalising features such as choosing to add a pocket or include your initials on the made-to-tailor tee.

4. Henley T-Shirts Men

From the many different types of T-shirts, henley t-shirts are one of the men's t-shirt types that add a little bit of funkiness to the outfit. Featuring a round neckline with a partial button-up front, it offers an intriguing and casual look. This has to be one of the best men’s t-shirt types that strikes the balance between a regular tee and a polo shirt, making them suitable for various occasions. They are one of the best types of T-shirts offering versatility and compatibility to wear with jeans, shorts or layered under jackets.

Can’t find the perfect henley t-shirt? Then make one for yourself! Hungover will help create your made-to-tailor, personalised henley t-shirt in no time. Shop Hungover t-shirts that are made just for you. 

5. Tank Tops for Men

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Being the best type of t-shirt, for the comfort, ease and breathability it gives, tank tops are already becoming the best men’s tees among fashion freaks. Yes, there are different t-shirt styles, but sleeveless t-shirts are considered to be the best men’s t-shirt types for gyms and casual gatherings. It is true that all types of t-shirts if worn correctly, can help you accentuate your physique, but tank tops prove to be the best among them all. It is the best summer T-shirt for men as well. 

6. Oversized T-Shirt Men

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There are different t-shirt styles and trends that are making rounds in the men's fashion scene. One such popular trend that is taking over every man's wardrobe is oversized t-shirts. This is one of the many different types of t-shirts that genuinely bring comfort and contemporary style together. This popular t-shirt style is a great way to experiment and find the best way to wear them as there are no set rules to wearing oversized t-shirts.

Wondering where to buy the best oversized, made-to-tailor t-shirts? Head over to Hungover’s website - one of the best t-shirt brands offering personalisable features and custom fits. 

7. Turtle Neck T-Shirt

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Turtle Neck T-shirts are versatile and can be worn alone or layered, adding a touch of elegance to casual or semi-formal outfits. These popular men’s t-shirt types provide both style and comfort, making them essential for the colder seasons. Whether you want to add variety to your wardrobe with the best stylish types of t-shirts for men or just want to add a new touch to your style, turtle neck t-shirts are the best t-shirt styles offering both comfort and style. 

8. Baseball T-Shirt

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Baseball t-shirts are one of the best casual t-shirts for men who seek a sporty and stylish look along with comfort and breathability. These are one of the top men's t-shirt types that effortlessly blend athletic vibes with everyday wear, making them perfect for a wide range of activities. Among the best versatile t-shirt styles, baseball t-shirt types can be easily matched with jeans or shorts for youthful and relaxed energy. 


The world of men's t-shirt types and fashion, in general, is brimming with a diversity that caters to every style and occasion. From the timeless Crew Neck to the refined Polo, and the versatile Henley to the contemporary Oversized, these different types of t-shirts offer an incredible range of choices to elevate your wardrobe. Whether you're aiming for a classic, modern, or sporty look, having these t-shirt styles in your wardrobe ensures that you're well-prepared to conquer any outfit challenge with confidence and flair.

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