Different Men’s Body Shape Types & How to Dress for Each Male Body Types

Different Men’s Body Shape Types & How to Dress for Each Male Body Types

How to Dress for Male Body Types?

Whether you are a man with broad shoulders or a lean physique, you can dress for your body type by understanding the different types of male body shapes. Get ready for a wardrobe revolution as we break down the do's and don'ts, spill some fashion secrets, and ensure that you'll be strutting the streets with confidence and flair. So let's dive into the world of male body types and the ultimate guide on how to dress any type of male for your body type for male

5 Types of Male Body Types & Shapes

Physiques vary widely, so recognising distinct male body shapes is the key to unlocking a wardrobe that accentuates strengths and minimises perceived imperfections. There are 5 different types of male of body shapes for males which play a crucial role in finding the perfect style that exudes confidence and feels personalised.


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1. Rectangle 

The rectangle men’s body type is characterised by well-balanced proportions, where the shoulders and waist are relatively aligned. Rectangular body type men often have a straight torso and a minimal difference in the width of their shoulders and hips. 

How to Dress for Men’s Rectangle Body Type

  1. Tailored Fit: Opt for tailored clothing, especially for t-shirts for a sculpted look that enhances your balanced proportions, especially fitted shirts for added definition.
  2. Strategic Layering: Experiment with layers such as cardigans or blazers to add depth and visual interest, creating a dynamic and textured appearance that breaks up a straight torso.
  3. Play with Patterns and Colors: Incorporate horizontal stripes or patterns to add width to your shoulders. Experiment with colours to draw attention and create a well-balanced contrast. Dark shades will make you look slim, while lighter tones add volume where needed.
  4. Define Your Waist: Use accessories like belts to emphasise your waist since they act as a simple addition to instantly elevate your look.

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2. Triangle

The triangular type of men's body shape typically has narrow shoulders and a wider waist and hip area. Triangle body shape clothing for males is often more focused on drawing attention upward on the shoulders while creating a balanced and well-proportioned look.

How to Dress for Men’s Triangle Body Type

  1. Dark Colours on the Lower Half: Choose darker colours for pants and shorts to minimise emphasis on the broader hips and thighs. This creates a visually streamlined effect and maintains a balanced overall look.
  2. Emphasise the Upper Body: Opt for well-fitting shirts and patterns with details that can divert focus on the upper body more.
  3. Jackets with Structured Shoulders: Invest in jackets with structured shoulders to enhance your upper body and contribute to a more defined and balanced silhouette.

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3. Inverted Triangle

In contrast to the triangle shape, the inverted triangle body shape men are characterised by broad shoulders and a narrow waist and hips. Men with this body type often have a V-shaped torso.

How to Dress for Men’s Inverted Triangle Body Type

  1. Avoid Excessive Layering on Top: While layering adds style, avoid too many layers on the upper body, as it can overemphasise the broad shoulders. Instead, focus on well-fitting, single-layered clothing.
  2. Slim Fit Shirts: Incorporate slim fit shirts for a tailored look that complements your physique without adding unnecessary bulk.
  3. Opt for V-Neck T-Shirts: Regular V-neck T-shirts offer a classic and flattering neckline choice that enhances the chest without exaggerating the width of the shoulders.

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4. Oval

The oval body shape type of men as the name suggests have an oval physique that carries more weight in the abdominal area. Clothing for oval body shapes for males should be selected to divert attention away from the midsection. 

How to Dress for Men’s Oval Body Type

  1. Straight-Leg Pants: Choose straight-leg or slightly tapered pants and avoid overly loose or tight bottoms, as they can disrupt the overall proportion of the body.
  2. Neckties and Long Jackets: Incorporate neckties and long jackets for an overall polished appearance.

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5. Trapezoid

The trapezoid men’s body type is characterised by a well-proportioned upper and lower body, with shoulders and hips in alignment. Men with a trapezoidal physique often have a muscular build.

How to Dress for Men’s Trapezoid Body Type

  1. Say No to Loose Bottoms: Avoid overly loose or tight bottoms to ensure a clean and well-proportioned appearance.
  2. Monochromatic Outfits: Consider wearing monochromatic outfits to create a seamless look. This approach visually streamlines the body and highlights balanced proportions.
  3. Tailored Suits: Invest in tailored suits that complement your body shape. Suits with well-defined shoulders and a tapered waist can showcase the trapezoidal figure.

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Men’s Clothing Style Guide for Different Body Types

Cracking the code to your ideal wardrobe begins with a keen awareness of your body type. Seek out clothing that not only aligns with your body shape but also enhances your best features. The secret lies in the fitting room, where you experiment with garments that harmonise effortlessly with your unique physique. 

Explore diverse fashion elements: Don't shy away from experimenting with different patterns or unconventional combinations.

Prioritise Comfort and Confidence: Embrace styles that make you feel at ease while projecting the self-assured image you desire.

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