What is a Polo T-shirt? Difference between a Polo T-shirt & T-shirt

What is a Polo T-shirt? Difference between a Polo T-shirt & T-shirt

Do you often find yourself unable to comprehend the difference between a normal t-shirt and a polo t-shirt? Do you always have some lingering doubts like “What is the meaning of polo t-shirts?” or “How can one define polo t-shirts or differentiate them from other t-shirt types?”. Well then, you have stumbled upon the right piece of content to enlighten you on the differences between a polo t-shirt and other t-shirts in the simplest way possible. In this blog, we will jot down every single thing that distinguishes a regular t-shirt from that of a polo t-shirt. 

First of all, a good polo T-shirt for men is one that perfectly fits the wearer. Customise your polo t-shirts to fit your body just right. 

What is a T-shirt?

Before we dive into understanding the meaning of polo t-shirts, let's take a moment to discuss regular t-shirts. T-shirts typically are short-sleeved and collarless casual wear garments made from a range of fabrics which includes cotton, polyester and linen. They are largely worn for more casual occasions and not much appreciated or advisable for professional, formal or high-end events. 

What is a Polo T-shirt?

Now, what is a polo shirt

A polo T-shirt is a short-sleeved shirt (can also have long sleeves at times) with a collar and a placket at the neckline, typically featuring two or three buttons. It is characterised by its sporty and casual style, often made of cotton or a blend of materials.

But what really makes them stand out from other types of t-shirts?

Well, polo shirts have more than a couple of things that distinguish them from the other t-shirt types. From the fabrics used to make polo neck t-shirts to their distinct collar, there are a good number of things that can be pointed out as the differences. They are also suitable for both formal and casual settings, making them one of the most versatile outfits for men. With their sporty charm and polished demeanour, they can easily outplay any trend present in today’s fashion game.  

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Polo T-shirt History

The history of polo T-shirts intertwines with the sports of tennis and polo, evolving from practical athletic wear to a timeless fashion staple. René Lacoste's design innovation in the 1920s, featuring a short-sleeved, piqué cotton shirt with a flat collar and buttoned placket, not only enhanced tennis players' comfort but also sparked a style revolution. Transitioning from the tennis court to everyday fashion, the men’s polo shirt gained popularity in the mid-20th century, symbolising a blend of casual sophistication. 

Gone are the days when we used to jump from shop to shop to find the perfect fitting T-shirt. Now you can easily customise t-shirts of all types from polo and henley to crew neck and v-neck t-shirts in no time.

Difference Between a Polo T-shirt and a T-shirt


Polo T-shirt



One of the primary defining factors of polo T-shirts is their collars. Collar types can vary, including ribbed, flat, or tipped collars.

Typically t-shirts have a round or V-neck without a collar.


Features a placket with buttons at the neckline, providing a more structured look.

Generally has a simple, unstructured neckline.


Exhibits both sporty and slightly formal appearance.

Carries a casual and more relaxed vibe.


Originating from sports like tennis and polo, it evolved into everyday fashion.

Rooted in casual wear, with variations used in athletic contexts and everyday attire.


Suitable both for casual and formal occasions, including social events and professional meet-ups.

Worn casually in a variety of casual settings, ranging from everyday wear to informal gatherings.


Polo t-shirts feature two to three buttons under its collar.

T-shirts do not have any buttons.


Often made of cotton or cotton blends.

Various fabrics, including cotton, polyester, and blends.

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How to Wear a Polo T-shirt?

  • Consider the Occasion: Polo neck t-shirts are versatile and suitable for a range of occasions. While they are perfect for casual outings, you can also wear them to slightly more formal settings by choosing well-fitted, high-quality options. Pay attention to the dress code of the event to strike the right balance between comfort and appropriateness.
  • Pair with Chinos or Jeans: Polo T-shirts can be effortlessly styled with chinos or jeans for a smart casual look. Opt for neutral or complementary colours to create a balanced ensemble. Tucking the polo-neck t-shirt into your pants can add a touch of sophistication, but leaving it untucked maintains a more relaxed vibe.
  • Choose Appropriate Footwear: Complete the look with suitable footwear. Sneakers or loafers work well for a casual appearance, while leather shoes can elevate the outfit for a slightly more polished feel.

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Pro Tip: Being confident and comfortable in your own skin is the secret sauce of carrying any piece of clothing like a model.

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