Style Guide to 5 Different Types of Men’s T-shirts

Style Guide to 5 Different Types of Men’s T-shirts

What's the big deal about T-shirts? It's just another wardrobe basic. Well, you're underestimating the power of t-shirts. These seemingly simple pieces of clothing are the backbone of any guy's wardrobe. They're the real MVPs, the all-rounders, and the ultimate style chameleons. T-shirts impart so much style and comfort that they have evolved from being mere undergarments years ago to, now, being a dependable and desired staple in wardrobes around the world. They're a canvas of your personal style, an expression of your mood, and a reflection of your attitude. Whether you're going for a laid-back look, a polished and classy appearance, or something in between, there's a t-shirt for every occasion and every personality.

Today, we'll explore 5 different types of men's t-shirts, their styles, and how to rock them like a pro. So, get ready to level up your t-shirt game and discover how these simple garments can be your go-to choice for looking cool, casual, and confident in any setting.

Different Types of T-shirts - The Classic T-shirt Styles

1. Crew Neck T-shirts for Men

Crew Neck T-shirts have a history dating back to the 18th century when US soldiers and sailors wore them as an undergarment to protect themselves from the weather which has now evolved into one of the most versatile shirts for men. They can be styled in different ways to create different looks based on the occasion you are wearing them for. 

Let’s have a look at some of the ways you can style your crew neck t-shirts:

1. Creating a Casual Look with Your Crew Neck

Basic Crew Neck T-shirt Outfit

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First things first, let's talk about that laid-back, everyday vibe. Crew neck tees are your go-to when you want to keep it chill. Pair one with your favourite jeans, throw on some sneakers, and you're good to go for a casual day out.

2. Mastering the Layered Crew Neck T-shirt Look

Layered Crew Neck T-shirt Outfit

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Now, if you're feeling a bit more adventurous, try the layered look with your crew neck. Add a denim jacket or a flannel shirt on top, and you've got instant style points. Layering can give your outfit that extra depth and personality.

3. Sporty Look with Your Crew Neck T-shirt

Sporty Crew Neck T-shirt Outfit

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And for all the active souls out there, your crew neck can totally rock a sporty look too. Pair it with some track pants or workout shorts, and you're ready to hit the gym or simply nail that athleisure style.

2. V-Neck T-shirts for Men

V-neck t-shirts have this inherent charm that adds a touch of sophistication to your wardrobe and is a bit different from the basic crew or round-neck t-shirts. Wearing a V-neck that doesn’t sit right on your collarbone is the recipe for poor styling. 

Read on to learn how to style a v-neck t-shirt like a pro.

1. The Monochrome Look with a V-Neck T-shirt

Monochrome V-Neck T-shirt Outfit


First up, we have the Monochrome Look. It's all about keeping things sleek and simple. Grab a V-neck tee in a solid colour, and pair it with matching pants or jeans. This creates a clean, one-colour canvas that exudes elegance and style and is perfect for semi-formal occasions.

2. Creating a Classy Look with Your V-Neck Tee

Classy V-Neck T-shirt Outfit


If you're aiming for something more on the classy side, V-necks have got your back. Pair that V-neck with denim for a sophisticated ensemble. Don't forget to accessorise with sunglasses and a good watch, and you'll be ready for a night out or a special event.

3. Sporty Vibes with a V-neck T-shirt

Sporty V-Neck T-shirt Outfit

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And for those days when you're feeling active, your V-neck tee can effortlessly switch to a sporty style. Pair it with some comfy shorts and you're all set for a workout or a casual sporty look.

3. Henley T-shirts for Men 

Henley t-shirts are a collarless version of polo t-shirts with a round neckline. They got their name from Henley Royal Regatta - a rowing competition in the English town. Henleys look good on their own, a premium quality Henley, a good pair of jeans and shoes are all that you need for a sleek look. They are versatile and can be styled in multiple ways with varying sleeve lengths primarily full-sleeve men’s henley t-shirts and half-sleeve henley t-shirts

Here are a few basic ways to style a Henley t-shirt:

1. Achieving a Casual Look with Your Henley Tee

Casual Henley T-shirt Outfit

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Let's start with the casual look. Henleys are perfect for those laid-back days. Pair your Henley with your favourite pair of jeans or chinos, roll up the sleeves for a bit of that rugged charm, and you're all set for a relaxed, everyday appearance. It's the kind of outfit that gives you - "I'm ready for whatever the day throws at me." kinda feeling. 

2. Mastering the Layered Look with Henleys

Layered Henley T-shirt Outfit

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Now, for the layered look, Henley t-shirts are your secret weapon. They're great for adding depth and texture to your outfit. Throw on a light jacket or a cardigan over your Henley for a more refined style. This layered approach offers both warmth and a touch of sophistication.

3. Styling Your Henley for a Semi-Formal Look

Semi Formal Henley T-shirt Outfit


Men’s Henley t-shirts can even take you to semi-formal territory. Tuck in your Henley into a pair of well-fitted trousers. You can even add a belt, and top it off with a blazer to enhance the look. This combination strikes the perfect balance between casual and dressy, making it a superb choice for slightly more formal occasions.

4. Polo T-shirts for Men 

Polo t-shirts got their name as they were worn by Polo players and were designed as an alternative to tennis long-sleeved button-up shirts which were uncomfortable. They are also called tennis or golf t-shirts. Polos have a buttoned-down collar and usually have short sleeves. They are usually made of knitted cotton and can be worn throughout the year. Polo t-shirts have gained popularity over time and now are an essential t-shirt for men.

Let’s look at some tips to style Polo t-shirts!

1. Creating a Summer Look with Your Polo Tee

Summer Polo T-shirt Outfit

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First up is the summer look. When the sun's blazing, and you want to stay cool and stylish, reach for your trusty polo tee. Pair it with some lightweight shorts or khakis, and you're set for a day in the sun. The collar adds a hint of formality while maintaining that breezy, summer feel.

2. Suiting Up for Business Casual with a Polo Tee

Business Casual Polo T-shirt Outfit

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Now, when it's time to head to the office or an important meeting, your polo tee can effortlessly slip into the role of business casual. Tuck it into a pair of well-fitted dress pants, add a belt, and maybe even a blazer. It's a look that says, "I'm professional, but I still know how to keep things comfortable."

3. Styling Your Polo Tee for a Layered Look

Layered Polo T-shirt Outfit


Lastly, don't underestimate the power of the layered look with your polo tee. Throw on a light jacket or a stylish sweater over your polo. The layered effect adds depth to your outfit while keeping you warm on those cooler days.

5. Round Neck T-shirts for Men

And now, we arrive at the timeless classic, the round-neck t-shirt. This is the one that's been a constant in your wardrobe, and for good reason. Round neck tees are like a blank canvas, ready for you to paint your unique style.

Below are some simple ways to style men’s round-neck t-shirts:

1. Creating a Casual Look with Your Round-Neck T-shirt

Casual Round Neck T-shirt Outfit

Source: Pinterest

First off, let's talk about a casual look. Your round-neck t-shirt is your trusty companion when you just want to keep things easy and laid-back. Pair it with your favourite jeans, toss on some sneakers, and you're ready for a chill day out. 

2. Mastering the Layered Look with Round Neck Tees

Layered Round Neck T-shirt Outfit

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Now, here's a style that adds a bit of depth and character to your outfit - the layered look with your round-neck tee. Throw on a flannel shirt, a denim jacket, or even a lightweight hoodie over your tee. This adds dimension to your look while keeping you warm and stylish.

3. Styling Your Round Neck Tee for a Sporty Look

Sporty Round Neck T-shirt Outfit

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Last but not least, your round-neck t-shirt can easily switch into sporty mode. Pair it with some athletic shorts or joggers, add your favourite sneakers, and you're set for a workout or just a sporty casual look.

Common Style Tips for Styling Men’s T-shirts

  1. The T-shirt quality matters the most. Always choose t-shirts that are made of premium quality cotton like that of Hungover’s t-shirts.
  1. The sacred lies in finding the right t-shirt fit for your body type. You can do this easily with Hungover’s custom-fit t-shirts that are tailored for you. 
  1. Choose colours that complement your skin tone. This can make a huge difference to your attire.
  1. Lastly, wear them comfortably. There’s no substitute for comfortable fashion. Only comfort will make you carry yourself with confidence. And don’t forget to try out the aforementioned style tips.


We've explored the incredible versatile t-shirt types with each style offering a unique twist to your everyday fashion. But that is not all. We encourage you to get creative, mix and match, and experiment with these styles to enhance your wardrobe. After all, your fashion choices are a reflection of your personality and mood. So make every outfit count with your fashion sense. 

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