How to Customise T-shirts? Get Custom-made Men’s T-shirts at Hungover

How to Customise T-shirts? Get Custom-made Men’s T-shirts at Hungover

Are you tired of the boring sloppy T-shirt look? Seeking a change in your t-shirt styles? Bring some life into your wardrobe by exploring custom-fit and custom-made t-shirts! Why settle for the regular t-shirt when you can precisely craft your everyday t-shirt look? 

Here is the magical word "customisation". Discover the ways to give your lifeless tees a new look with various customisation options listed in this blog guide. Embrace the thrill of personalised clothing and different ways to customise t-shirts with unique touches. Let’s dive into the blog and revamp your t-shirt style to stand out from the crowd.

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What is a Custom-Made T-shirt?

A custom-fit or custom-made t-shirt is a distinct garment tailored just for you. It's uniquely designed to fit your preferences, style and size. Instead of settling for standard, off-the-rack options, you have the opportunity to customise your tee, the way you envision it.

With a tailor-made t-shirt, you have full leverage to choose your t-shirt design, fabric, colour, neckline and even add your personal touch with a logo or a special text. Custom-made t-shirts tailored for individual preferences, reflect your true personality and taste.

Popular Custom-Made Men’s T-shirt Brands


At Hungover, we take pride in being the leading Men's t-shirt brand in India, renowned for selling the best custom-made t-shirts for men. As an eco-conscious clothing brand, we specialise in using premium cotton fabric in our products. From polo, crew-neck and henley to v-neck t-shirts, our t-shirts offer both durability and comfort. 

With a focus on personalised fits, our bespoke clothing brand aims to deliver the best custom-fit t-shirts for men incorporating your precise measurements for the perfect fit. We believe customisation is the key to your personality. That's why we offer a range of customisation options in crafting a unique men’s t-shirt with trendy neck styles, varied sleeve lengths and tailored fits to make you stand out from the crowd. 

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Beyoung is a distinctive custom t-shirt brand celebrated for its fresh and youthful take on fashion. Beyoung’s men’s t-shirt collections embody trendy designs and contemporary styles including oversized t-shirts, graphic tees, statement prints and modern patterns. Although the brand prioritises staying up-to-date with the latest fashion trends and styles, the range of custom-fitting options is limited. This might disappoint individuals seeking a perfect fit and sleek look.


Bewakoof is a dynamic and trendy clothing brand celebrated for its vibrant appeal. The brand offers t-shirts, hoodies and sweaters in a diverse array of designs ranging from quirky and humorous graphics to trendy prints and patterns. Bewakoof’s trendy and expensive clothes have a devoted Gen Z audience. While the brand offers t-shirts with prints and graphics, the t-shirt fit might not appeal to those seeking a refined and tailored appearance.

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How to Customise T-shirts for Men at Hungover?

Creating a personalised t-shirt for men in Hungover is effortless. With a variety of customisation options available, you can create a bespoke t-shirt tailored to your preferences, with intricacy and detailing in every aspect.

Step 1: Choose Your Style

Discover our range of custom men’s t-shirts, featuring classic polo, modern v-neck, trendy henley and stylish crew-neck t-shirts. Choose the style that complements your uniqueness and charm. Embrace the chosen Hungover t-shirt style with a range of customisation options for a perfect custom-fit t-shirt.

Step 2: Select Your Desired Colour

After choosing your preferred t-shirt style, it's time to explore the vibrant spectrum of colours. We have an extensive range of 18 appealing shades. Choose from our diverse colour palette including timeless classics like black and navy, bold tones such as brick and burgundy, as well as vibrant hues like carrot, khaki, lime, yellow, and mustard. Explore unique colours from plum, sky blue, teal, turquoise to white, heather grey and charcoal melange. Design a personalised t-shirt that reflects your authentic hues.

Step 3: Create a Custom Size 

Once you've selected your desired t-shirt style, begin tailoring the perfect size and fit using Hungover’s e-tailor algorithm. A detailed size chart is available, offering an easy guide to creating your custom t-shirt. The chart includes sizes from XS to 6XL, covering measurements ranging from 36” to 54” inches.

If you encounter challenges in selecting the right sizes or measurements, worry not. Our illustrations showcase various body types — such as “no belly,” “light belly,” “medium belly,” and “significant” — allowing you to choose the one that best matches your body type.

Next, it's time to determine your t-shirt’s length. A truly tailor-made custom-fit t-shirt ensures a flawless fit in every way. The Hungover size chart showcases a spectrum of human heights, spanning from 4’7” to 6' 6” ft, allowing you to precisely align your t-shirt’s length. At last, choose the preferred fit, whether it's slim, fitted, or loose to complete your t-shirt sizing. 

Step 4: Added Customisation

Hungover's customisation doesn't stop here. When we say custom t-shirts, we mean every fair bit of it. You can also customise your T-shirts with or without pockets. Moreover, you have the option to imprint your initials on your custom t-shirt to make it exceptionally unique.

Step 5: Place Order

Congrats! You've completed all the steps to craft your ideal custom t-shirt from Hungover. You can always revisit your created size chart and modify your measurements when needed. Once you've modified the customisations, hit the "place order" button to proceed.

Step 6: Receive a Sample Tee

Within five working days of placing your order, our team of craftsmen will create a custom-fit t-shirt based on your provided specifications, using simple material. The trial tee will be shipped to your specified location along with a measuring tape and a size card.

Upon receiving the sample tee, check if you need any adjustments in your tee's neckline, sleeve, shoulder, chest and length. 

If necessary, re-measure using the provided tape, fill out the size card with new details and send an image via WhatsApp to this number: +91 9176016000. The updated size information will be used to create your final made-to-measure tee.

Embrace eco-fashion with sustainable and ethical clothing brands in 2023.

Other Ways to Customise T-shirts for Men

There are numerous other ways to customise t-shirts. Below are some of the common ways to get a custom t-shirt.

T-shirt Printing: You can customise your t-shirt design using techniques like screen printing, heat transfer or digital printing to add designs, graphics and images.

Embroidery: Add a touch of sophistication by embroidering logos, names, cute text, or intricate patterns to make the t-shirt look ecstatic.

Sketching: Play with some colours by painting your t-shirt using fabric markers to create doodling art or cute animal sketches.

Patchwork: Attach a fabric patch of a different t-shirt pattern or colour for a textured layered look.

Tie-Dye: A popular customising t-shirt idea, tie-dye techniques create vibrant and colourful patterns and designs resembling a retro or bohemian style.

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Buy a Custom-made Men’s T-shirt at Hungover. 

In conclusion, Hungover epitomises more than just a brand of made-to-measure t-shirts — it represents a commitment to personalised t-shirts. Our diverse range of eco-conscious, stylish and comfortable t-shirts offers unique and tailored experiences for every one of you.

The array of customisation options that we provide - from neckline variations to sleeve lengths and personalised fits - gives you the perfect custom t-shirt reflecting self-expression, identity and style.

Our unwavering devotion to craftsmanship goes beyond just delivering a tee. We offer a trial process for adjustments, ensuring your final custom-fit tee meets all your expectations.

Hungover isn't merely a destination for personalised, custom-fit t-shirts, it's an invitation to embrace a personalised journey, where your style, comfort and environmental consciousness fall in one place in crafting a custom-fit tee. Join us at Hungover and redefine how you express yourself through bespoke, custom-made fashion.

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